Data Protection Policy

I also comply with the requirements for the protection of your personal data under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Who has access to your information?

Only I have access to your information, and I do not share it with anyone.

What type of information is collected from you?

I only process common categories of personal data: name, email address and phone number. In terms of record keeping (journaling), I record what is necessary to best support you in your development. This can be for example: -Information from your history/upbringing - Problems in relationships/parents etc. - My considerations about the next steps in the process and basic problems - Patterns and themes that play out in your life and in the sessions - Other relevant information for the process.

When and how do I collect information about you?

If you decide do not pursue the process with me after the first contact, I will delete your information immediately.

How do I store data?

During the course of a session, I will keep records, which will be kept for six months after the last session. Physical material is kept locked and out of reach from unauthorized persons.

How can you arrange for me to delete your information?

You can always contact me and ask me to delete the information I hold about you.


When you book an appointment with me, you are thereby accepting the terms and conditions set out in this privacy policy in relation to the processing of the information I come into possession of about and from you at the time of the booking and during the coaching sessions.

What is the purpose of collecting your data?

The purpose of collecting the information/keeping the record is that I want to support and help you in the best way possible. This is best done by allowing me to follow the process and refresh what has been essential in the therapy process. Also, it allows me to keep focus and direction in the process so that you are helped in the best possible way to achieve what you want from the process.

How can you access and update your information?

You can email me at any time to ensure that I have the correct data on file about you. You have the right to have your information transferred to another practitioner/coach or others you wish to have your information.