Other services

Activities to boost self-confidence for girls

Many girls struggle to see how awesome and powerful they are. Many stereotypes, expectations and self- limiting beliefs stand on the way to develop an understanding of what it means to be themselves and express that confidently.

I have developed a set of activities including games and practical exercises to help girls gaining new mental tools and inner strength to form a confident self. Boosting self-confidence, makes girls feel amazing, happy, strong, brave, smart and unstoppable.

Currently, this set is implemented for teenage girls attending the hackathons organized by High5Girls. The aim of this organisation is to make STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) studies and careers equally attractive to girls. And one of the biggest barrier, why girls are not choosing STEM education, is the lack of self-confidence.


My workshops are for everyone, who is curious, open for new things and willing to develop oneself in order to achieve one’s fullest potential. Different specific topics can be covered during a workshop through a combination of teaching, discussion and practical exercises.

I offer workshops on different topics, including and not exclusively on assertive communication and presentation skills; boosting self-confidence; getting rid of self-limiting beliefs; stop judging others.

My goal is to provide new insights and tools for personal growth, success and fulfilment.

Inspirational talk on women empowerment

I believe that personal development as much as developing digital, entrepreneurial and other skills plays a huge role in supporting women in their self-realisation. Personal development provides an understanding of inner processes, improves self-awareness and social relations, and helps to develop strength, talents and emotional intelligence. I view these as important ingredients for women empowerment.

During my talks I give women some tips on how to discover their potential, believe in themselves and use their strengths in a balanced way for a successful career and a happy private life. My goal is to encourage women to follow their passion, realise their dreams and stop holding themselves back.

Please see and read here one of my speeches