Individual sessions

1:1 Coaching sessions

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, where the focus is on you, your current needs and your wishes for change and personal development. I work intuitively with my clients and use the methods and techniques that work best for You, because we are all unique and have different needs. I work in a holistic way, and I integrate mindfulness and stress release techniques, and traditional coaching methods. It is very important for me to create a safe, open-minded and non-judgemental space for You, where you feel seen, met, and heard.

Openness, honesty, trust, and ethics are some of the important values I live by. They are also the cornerstones in my relations, whether it is a million worth project or a coaching session. I comply by the ICFs ethics code, Core Values and Standards. I maintain strict and full confidentiality.

A coaching process typically takes between 4-8 sessions - the number of sessions depends entirely on your individual situation, your goals, issues and challenges.

Stress release – Access Bars®

Access Bars is a hands-on energy process, where 32 points (energy centers) on the head are gently touched to release the energy in your body. These points are your storage place for all your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings and opinions about yourself, others and everything you think is important. Your thought patterns and beliefs can limit you and get in the way of the life you want to create. The 32 points correspond to a specific area of your life and this process helps to release blockages and self-limiting beliefs around the following areas: anger, money, control, body, sexuality, healing, creativity, peace & tranquility, joy & grief, aging, hopes & dreams, communication, creativity, kindness, gratitude.

Access Bars can help you to:

  • relax your body
  • calm your mind
  • get better sleep
  • create harmony in your life
  • recharge your vitality
  • open up to new choices
  • bring balance to your whole system

The duration of the session is approximately between 75 min and 90 min. The method was developed by Gary Douglas. You can read more about the concept at: